July 25, 2004

The Jesus Cloud and the Eagle

Cathedral Tales 25 July 2004


So many strange events have occurred at the Wilderness Cathedral that I seldom give them much thought or even bother any longer to document them for "Cathedral Tales."

Around 4:30 P.M. on July 25TH 2004, I had had a premonition that an Eagle was flying out over the lake when I had looked out over the water and saw nothing more than a black dot about two miles out. I picked up my binoculars for a closer look.

Sure enough, the black dot was an adult Bald Eagle, fishing. He/she swooped down to the water, talons first, caught a fish and flew to the far shore.

About 3 a.m. on the 27th I woke up with the image of the face in the cloud that I had forgotten had appeared over the Eagle Sanctuary on The Great Spirit Wilderness just a minute or so before I had the premonition about the Eagle. It dawned on me that the sighting of the Eagle was related to the face in the clouds that I had seen just moments before.

I had been working at my computer and happened to look to my left toward the sky that is framed by the window to my left, which looks onto the Eagle Sanctuary. A benign Christ-like face peered at me. A cool front had been moving in and the clouds had been drifting by.

I stared at the face and the face stared back at me, with piercing eyes, but with a kind and gentle demeanor. As I stared at the face, I immediately thought of the image of Jesus on the Shroud of Turin. The resemblance was quite startling, except that the eyes are closed in the image on the shroud and the eyes on the face in the cloud were almond shaped and glowed.

The entire time that I stared, perhaps as long as 30 seconds, the face remained motionless, with no apparent change of expression or movement within the frame of the window. I glanced down at my computer and glanced back up after about 5 seconds. The face was gone without a trace.

It was then that I looked to the left, out past the flag pole, and out over the expanse of the lake where Eagle was fishing.

This morning I examined images of the face on the Shroud of Turin, and except for the fact that the eyes were closed and the beard appeared to be more prominent, the face in the cloud and on the shroud had much in common.

I do not understand the significance of this strange event but for some reason I think it must be related to my story at www.edenlost.org.

Ethicius I

From the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral

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