July 29, 2002


God must have had an extra hard day at the office. Normally, when I have had one of those psycho-days that make one wonder about the collective sanity or insanity of the human species, I can go out into the wilderness and commune with God’s Creation, which eases my tortured soul.

Today, the entire world seemed in chaos, and I wondered how it was possible for our so-called civilization to continue to exist without imploding on its own apparently universal incompetence.

The people with whom I work with are a cross section of the typical modern American, which means I deal daily with divorce, drug abuse, depression, co-dependence, incompetence, dishonesty, and various forms of neuroses and sometimes even psychoses.

The flip side of the equation is that these same wayward souls also have a loving, kind, gentle, competent, and giving side to their seeming bi-polarity. It is the ‘manic’ in them that is their saving grace and keeps me from firing the lot, and living the remainder of my life as a hermit in The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral.

Today was different. At one point I even thought that it might be pleasant to be ensconced in the bowels of Hell where I could sit back, relax, and have a simple fireside chat with the Devil. I might say, “Devil, I really don’t like you or your place but in some ways it is a far cry better than where I come from. At least down here you know in advance that everybody is a sorry, worthless, sack of ‘basura’, whereas Stateside, the folks thump on Bibles, speak in tongues, and introduce themselves with the phrase, ‘Trust me, I’m a Christian’. Down here I don’t trust nobody and nobody is a hypocrite ‘cause they have finally accepted the fact that they are consummate sinners.

I went out to the Great Spirit Wilderness to watch the sunset and look for the normal signs that God is still positive about the future of His people and His Creation. The vibes I got were just the opposite. God’s day at the office had been just as miserable as mine and for the first time, I felt that He too was cynical and depressed at what was going on down on Planet Eden, or at least what was left of it.

After a particularly bad day I asked God to send me a sign that all was well and that there was still hope. Some of the signs that God normally sends me in times like these are eagles, butterflies, coyote concerts, brilliant sunsets, cavorting fox babies, frog choirs, flocks of pelicans, grinning alligators, and Indian knives.

This afternoon, I particularly felt the need to see a painting from God’s paintbrush, feed our surviving alligator or find an Indian knife. Whoa unto me! The clouds were gray, the alligator was nowhere to be seen, and I spent at least an hour looking for an Indian knife, only to find dozens of pieces of jagged, broken glass.

In addition, there were no butterflies, no foxes, no rabbits, no squirrels, and no birds except one lone straggling Martin. No frogs, no singing coyotes—only handfuls of jagged, broken glass. A lone armadillo attempted to commit suicide by darting directly under the wheels of my jeep! I asked God to save her, and He and modern electronic braking systems did.

I said, “God, you must be as discouraged as I am. Tell me what is making you so negative about our future here on Planet Eden?” And God said, “I too have bad days, that seem without hope. I looked down on what I consider my greatest work and saw that instead honoring me, vast hordes of people were worshiping money, and in so doing, were destroying the glorious beauties of my best handiwork, and the life support systems that I designed for their protection and that of their children and their children’s children.”

“I called Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, Mohammad and numerous other of my most trusted heavenly children to come to me and attempt to help me understand why my human children were doing everything in their power to not only destroy Creation, but to turn their backs on me and defy my Commandments!”

“I asked Abraham to try to explain why Jews were killing Christians and Muslims, why Muslims were killing Christians and Jews, and why Christians were not only killing Jews and Muslims but each other as well. Abraham just shook his head in sadness. He couldn’t understand why three families of my children, each of whom claim him as the founder of their faith, cannot love one another as I have commanded.”

“Good grief! How hard is it to understand that when I commanded that ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’, I meant it? Yet my human children thump on Torahs, Bibles, and Korans, proclaiming their love of me, and then going out to attempt to destroy one another and all the precious creatures of my Creation. Can you not understand how a father must feel if his children not only squabble, which is somewhat natural, but are out to destroy one another as well?”

I responded. “God, I know just how you feel, or at least I think I do. If you ever need a friend, I am here, not only to serve you, but to be your child that truly understands the sadness you must feel when you have done everything in your power to create an environment where all Creation can live in peace and harmony as you intended.”

I am waiting for God’s response. Right now He needs a little time to be alone with His thoughts and attempt to understand how He could have failed in His attempt to create a ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ on ‘Planet Eden’.


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