FEB 27, 2002


Just as I was about to depart for The Great Spirit Wilderness in order to be able to accomplish a little trail work before the rising of the brightest full moon of the year, I received a visit from one of our area’s most influential citizens who wished to consult with me about matters that have to do with ethics in the political arena.

As the leader of The Universal Ethician Church, I no longer involve myself in partisan politics, but I do offer advice about the ethical or unethical behavior of persons engaged in politics. As fate would have it, after discussing the issue at hand, the subject turned to the philosophy of Creation Ethics and the role our Church plays in honoring God by being good stewards of what remains of the legacy of Creation.

As my friend has led an honorable life and has a long history of preserving and protecting remnants of Eden for future generations, I invited him to be anointed as a Deacon. After the short anointment ceremony, I left for the wilderness. I was thinking about how happy God must be to have another of His human children join what I call Noah’s Army. I wondered if He would send me a sign of His approval and just at that moment, as I was turning onto 11th Street I looked to my left, and much to my astonishment, was another glorious sundog, THE FOURTH SUNDOG I had seen this month!!!

I pulled the car over, grabbed my camera, took a couple of photos and continued on my way. The full moon rising over the waters of The Holy Trinity River was glorious. According to a NASA report, the moon was 20% brighter and appeared 9% larger than normal due to its close proximity to Planet Eden. The sunrise the next morning was equally glorious. Thank you God for the wonderful gift, sight, without which I wouldn’t have been able to experience the beauty you placed for all to see and admire.


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