FEB 23, 2002


When I arose this morning, I opened the door to the balcony in our bedroom that overlooks the channel of the Trinity River and The Great Spirit Wilderness.

Chickadees were scolding something. I looked down and there was the fox, pretending to be asleep on the lawn. I called to the birds and several came, including a mockingbird, some vireos and a couple of kinglets.

The fox acted as if he didn’t give a hoot about either me or the birds but each time I lifted the camera to take his picture with his eyes closed he would raise his head and look around.

Now what do the fox and the birds have to do with a ‘Trinity of Sundogs’? Well quite frankly I don’t know, other than when I looked out over the Trinity River I remembered that I had failed to mention the third sundog that appeared on the week that the Zwickey Creek Wildlife Sanctuary was saved from clear-cutting and fragmentation development by my parents.

If you will recall from previous Cathedral Tales, the first sundog appeared over the bank, just before closing on the property on Feb 12. The second sundog appeared on Valentine’s Day just before the Great Blue Herons became involved in their courtship displays and the black helicopters flew over.

The third sundog is the one that I had left out of the Cathedral Tale of February 17. We were on our way to the Wilderness Cathedral for church services that afternoon and as we drove along a sundog suddenly appeared, became bright and filled with rainbow hues, then gradually faded out.

As I cannot recall ever having noticed a sundog before, it strikes me as extremely symbolic that three sundogs would make their appearance over a period of six days, the exact number of days that symbolize The Creation of the heavens and the earth in the Book of Genesis.

As I finish typing this tale, I can see the American flag waving beautifully in the breeze with the sun shining through it. If only it symbolized ONLY freedom, liberty and peace—what a glorious flag it would be!!! How beautiful it is with the Holy Trinity River in the background. How ugly it appears to me when flying over concrete jungles, urban sprawl, pesticide factories, junk food palaces, and machines of war directed against innocent citizens of the world.


Less than a minute after I e-mailed this tale to my office in town, an eagle flew over the American flag and landed on a tree on the shore of The Great Spirit Wilderness. I ran upstairs to the balcony with my camera to see if I could take a picture of the eagle behind the flag and as usual ran out of film, so ran downstairs, grabbed more film, ran back up and took several photos. They aren’t too great due to backlighting and depth of field technicalities but I do find it a strange convergence that the last time I saw an eagle he was perched just across from the Cross at the Wilderness Cathedral and today an eagle flew over the flag and perched for a good half hour just across from it. “Amazing Grace”!!!


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