SEPT 18, 2001


I hadn’t seen our eagle since Springtime and was worried that poachers had perhaps killed him as they had our alligators.

As usual in good weather, I take the boat out to better view the sunset and reflect on the glories of Creation.

That evening I decided to head toward ‘Princess Point’ on the Great Spirit Wilderness Peninsula.

Nearing the point I saw a magnificent bird rise from a tree along the shore as I approached about one hundred yards off-shore.

It was the eagle. He rose majestically and flew toward “Bad Boy Point”.

I followed him for awhile in the boat in order to take photographs, but by the time I readied the camera he was too far away for close-ups.

For some reason I was drawn back to the shore over which he had been perched. When I landed at the beach, I reached down into the water and scooped up an Indian knife!!!

Nearly every time the eagle visits an amazing event takes place or the eagle is a sign echoing the spiritual nature of God’s Creation in a unique and wonderful way.


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