OCT 18, 2001


This morning, I decided to take a detour to Princess Point at the tip of the Great Spirit Wilderness peninsula to take additional photos of the lightening split oak.

Before returning to the jeep I spotted a large black butterfly with iridescence on her wings. She kept flitting about and every time she landed she would immediately fly away if I approached.

I decided to tell her how beautiful she was and that I would not harm her. She landed near a puddle in a road rut and I spoke to her while I approached. I said “My, what a beautiful butterfly you are indeed. You are so very pretty. Please stay still so that I may admire you.”

With each compliment I took a step forward and she stood still, listening. Finally I extended by hand close to her and instead of flying away she flew up and lit on my outstretched finger so that I could better admire her and tell her once again what a lovely creature she was.

This incident reminded me of an encounter I had had with a Turkey Vulture at Princess Point a year or so before.

I was standing on the sandy beach listening to the waves lap against the shore when down the beach to my right I spied a Turkey Vulture perched on a fallen log.

I began talking to her and telling her what a beautiful bird she was and what a good bird she was for eating up the smelly dead fish that wash up on the beach from time to time. With each compliment I took another step closer. She cocked her head, listening intently, for I am sure that she had never been complimented by a human before. 

When I was within a few feet of her I grew apprehensive and feared that the reason she had not flown off was because she had been injured and could no longer fly.

I quit talking to her and took an abrupt step forward to try to determine is she was alright and off she flew on strong and certain wings.

Having recounted the story of the vulture in my mind, I decided to drive to the point across from Cormorant Island to see how many cormorants had returned. The dead trees were covered and I feared that by next Spring they would be too rotten to support the heavy nests of the Great Blue Herons which also inhabited the island.

Heading back toward home I began to think of the several signs from God which I had experienced in the past 24 hours and thought that when I returned to the office I would see if the URL, WWW.SIGNSFROMGOD.ORG might be available. Just at that moment I looked up and two beautiful eagles were cavorting just ahead of the jeep.

I had never before seen such display of acrobatics from any species of bird, much less from two magnificent Bald Eagles. I stopped the vehicle and watched in awe as they flew together until out of site. God had indeed blessed me with several signs from His treasure chest of Creation.


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