OCT 18, 2001


The sky was completely clear and blue toward sunset so instead of taking the boat out to watch the setting sun offshore from the Wilderness Cathedral,

I decided to head to town to visit with Mr. Cox. As I neared the intersection of Waterwood Parkway and Hwy 190 clouds began to develop toward the west and a gorgeous pink clouded sunset developed. Most amazing was a huge florescent Cross which extended across the western sky which remained visible all the way to the Missouri Pacific Overpass. Apparently two jets had crossed paths, creating the Cross. Unfortunately my camera was out of film or I would be able to display this amazing event for all to see.

At midnight I went to our balcony which looks out toward the eastern shore of the lake adjacent to The Great Spirit Wilderness to gaze at the majesty of Creation with its infinite stars and infinite universes.

I had been contemplating the rise and fall of civilizations and was hoping that the greatness of America would not be just another ‘shooting star’.

I kept repeating ‘shooting star’ in my mind so that I could remember to check to see if that domain name might still be available, when the brilliant fire-ball of a ‘shooting star’ made a path through the midnight sky beginning at the eastern horizon and heading straight over the balcony as it headed west.


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