OCT 17, 2001


After experiencing the mists forming a cross adjacent to the Great Spirit Wilderness this morning I felt compelled to drive to Princess Point at the tip of the wilderness peninsula. Three beautiful butterflies were resting on the sandy beach at one end of a log which jutted into the water. Butterflies and eagles have been frequent messengers at both the Great Spirit Wilderness and the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral.

I asked myself what the three butterflies were trying to say and they imparted to me that they were using the log to point to an Indian knife. I scooped into the sand at the end of the log and on the third scoop I picked up a perfect flint knife.

On the way back I looked up to the left and discovered that the storm of Friday the 12th of October had sent a tremendous bolt of lightning into an ancient oak, splitting it into three vertical pieces, the likes of which I had never before seen. From one of the split trunks a living limb remained.

The storm had come to the Cathedral near the time that we had flown past the site of the World Trade Center. The split oak reminded me of the skeletal remains of the ruined buildings and the one living limb reminded me of the torch of the Statue of Liberty which we had also flown past.


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