OCT 16, 2001


The afternoon of October 16, 2001 we had scheduled a production meeting at the Wilderness Cathedral. Ms. Henke and I arrived a little early and decided to go for a short boat ride to Hunter Blue-boat Beach to look for Indian Rocks.

As we left the boat-house I looked up and there were 12 Turkey Vultures circling with 1 huge White Pelican flying with them. I took this as a sign of Jesus, represented by the pure white Pelican with His following of 12 Disciples.

A few moments later, while approaching the shore of The Great Spirit Wilderness, I looked back toward the flock of birds and the Pelican was gone. In its place was a beautiful Eagle.

Eagles have always played a prominent symbolic role at both The Great Spirit Wilderness and the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral.

For nearly 50 years I had hoped to see an adult Bald Eagle in East Texas. Finally in the Spring of 1998 while exploring the shoreline of what would become THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL, I looked to the left and there was the most beautiful Eagle perched on a tall Pine.

This was the first of many encounters with Eagles, both at the Cathedral and elsewhere.


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