NOV 29, 2001


Today was miserable, dreary and icy cold. The sun never peaked out of the cloud banks and the grayness of the skies were somewhat despressing.

After dealing with extremely stressful issues all day, I decided to redeem my soul at the Wilderness Cathedral in spite of the weather. Sometimes stormy evenings have a strange spiritual mystique which carries the human spirit back to a remote past on Planet Eden.

I drove to Cormorant Point and watched the cormorants roosting on the dead pines for a moment then headed toward the Alligator Ranch house to examine some Indian rocks I had picked up on the beach at the Great Spirit Wilderness. After washing and examining the rocks I went to my computer to check e-mail. I had received an encouraging message about a video project I had been working on with Fred Krueger of “Caring for Creation” and after I had replied, decided to go outside for a few moments to feel the stormy weather.

Upon opening the door I was totally shocked to see the waters brilliantly lit with millions of sparkling lights from intense moonbeams reflected off of the waters. The skies had miraculously cleared and a full moon shined brightly overhead. The moon was not supposed to be full until the next night but I doubt if I had ever seen a rounder and fuller globe before.

Suddenly a flock of pelicans flew across the moonbeam and landed in the darkness of the waters to the right side of the waters glistening the in light of the moonbeam. I could hear them splashing as they landed but could not make out their forms in the darkness.

Then one by one and two by two they bobbed into the sparkling waters under the glare of the full moon. Their silhouettes were like little black pelicans cast upon a see of radiant diamonds. Never before, in all 56 years of my life on Planet Eden had I witnessed such a sight. I ran to find my camera to record the moment for posterity but in the darkness of my car could not find the camera.

When I returned to the deck with my binoculars which I did manage to find in my excitement and haste, I counted at least 75 pelicans or more. Most were obscured by darkness but they kept floating and bobbing across the moonbeam lit water. Then to add to the spectacle a flock of geese flew over calling to one another. Perhaps they had spotted the pelicans and were greeting them as they passed by on their journey south.

By now, I was desperate to record the moment and ran back to the car. This time the camera was easy to find and I frantically ran through the house and out onto the deck to photograph the pelicans silhouetted in the moonlight on the diamond-flecked waters.

They were gone!!! The pelicans had disappeared as if in thin air. Only the flickers of the moonlight on the waters remained and a took a couple of shots out of frustration more than anything else, all the time asking myself why God only allowed me to witness this most amazing marvel of His greatness. 

Why would God not want me to photograph the pelicans in the moonlight, for all the world to see, and thus to perhaps help educate His human children about the wonders of Creation and the importance of being good stewards?

That is indeed a mystery, which I will ponder, but will perhaps never understand, for it seems as if the most amazing spectacles occur when I leave my camera at home. In fact, if I have carried my camera with me for some days or weeks and have not seen anything extremely strange or unusual, I will purposely leave it at home knowing that a marvel, shown only to me, will probably appear, to both amaze me and confuse me, for I want so badly to share the marvels of God and His Glory with all the world but for some strange reason God selects me for private viewings which I cannot adequately describe in words alone.


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