NOV 28, 2001


The next evening after a stressful day at work I drove out toward the Wilderness Cathedral. Just as I turned off of Highway 190 onto Waterwood Parkway I saw a rainbow in the sky. It was rather faint but beautiful all the same. It is at this intersection where the sun, the sky, the clouds, and other manifestations of God’s paintbrush take on especially brilliant hues and formations.

This afternoon, instead of going to either the Great Spirit Wilderness or to The Wilderness Cathedral, I decided to drive straight to Cormorant Point to watch the sunset. Upon arrival I saw a man on a tractor, smoothing out a new driveway. As the sunset is the most beautiful from that vantage point I went over to him with my camera and struck up a conversation about the beauties of Creation.

The man usually worked for a logging company that clear-cuts the forest of East Texas. He began to describe how he hated clear-cutting and that he knew it was against God’s wishes but that he was forced to in order to feed his family even though he knew that after the last forests were gone he would have no work and his family might go hungry. He then said that only minutes before a magnificent rainbow, the brightest and most wonderful he had ever seen had started in the west and crossed directly over his head toward the east. He said that he felt he was actually in the rainbow as it was so close and so intense.

At that point I detected in his eyes and in his spirit a true desire to care for Creation and that he truly wished to do God’s will and be a steward of God’s handiwork. He then wished to be anointed as a Deacon in THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH. I blessed him and I can only hope that his days of destroying God’s Creation are over and that he can find positive employment that will benefit his family and honor God.


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