NOV 27, 2001


After a particularly terrible day in which persons for whom I had played the role of the ‘good Samaritan’ had turned into Judases, I went to the Great Spirit Wilderness to renew my wounded spirits.

Upon arrival at Princess Point, I was immediately greeted by a Julia Butterfly. As it was already late November and a cold front was only hours away I was both pleased to see the butterfly and a little worried about her welfare. In any event the presence of a Julia Butterfly at Princess point has always been a positive sign.

As the butterfly was the second positive sign of the day, the first being the calling of the birds which had immediately come and surrounded me, I expected a third sign as on days such as this on the Holy Trinity, the signs usually come in threes.

I decided to go to the other side of the peninsula and wade in the cold water to invigorate my senses. Upon arrival at the shoreline I saw that there were a number of Pelicans perched on a log just offshore. I immediately suspected that there must be 12 of them but after counting three times I concluded that there were only 11.

It took only a moment to discern the meaning of the missing Pelican. The message which entered my mind was that the missing Pelican represented Judas and that the Judases in my life would not prevail. I certainly hope that the message was not garbled for it did not bring me immediate peace of mind.


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