NOV 25, 2001


On Thanksgiving day 2001, after eating far too much and feeling guilty about the children of the less fortunate parts of our world who were starving, while I was stuffing myself, we went to the Alligator Ranch house across from the Great Spirit Wilderness.

While my family talked and visited and played with the two babies, I was inspired to write the verbiage for the web site,

When I had finished, I invited the family to go outside and admire the beauty of Creation. I then asked Andrew, our number four child to read the manuscript. While the family took chairs on the deck looking out toward the Pelicans preening on the distant shore, and the myriad terns careening about while searching for a meal, Andrew climbed upon a scaffold with our American flag blowing in the breeze with bright sunlight striking it and his face, highlighting them against dark clouds.

Just as Andrew was nearing the end of reading “Eden Lost”, I asked God to send us a sign that He was pleased with the manuscript. In many such instances, I have been greeted with an eagle, a  butterfly, or a particularly unusual cloud formation to acknowledge my works to bring glory to God and His great works.

Instead of the expected eagle, a rainbow appeared just to the left of the flag. As Andrew finished the last words of his recitation the rainbow disappeared. At that point I felt that God was pleased with my feeble efforts to bring enlightenment to His human children.


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